Odense Project Meeting and Multiplier Sport Event – August 2018

Our project meetings are an essential part of the Dual Careers research development, and so we want to keep everyone up-to-date with what we do during them.

The team after a successful meeting!

The project met for a second time in August, this time gathering in Odense, Denmark. A warm welcome was provided for the project team by our colleagues based at the University of Southern Denmark who kindly hosted the 24 representatives from across Europe. The meeting allowed the team to share and assemble their findings from the first study in the project and further develop the European taxonomy of DCDEs. It also allowed the team to put plans in place for the implementation of next steps in the project, which involves case study investigations of DCDEs across Europe. Aside from the project, the group was able to experience some of the Universities facilities with a tour, including a lap around their award-winning athletic track and experience some excellent meals in Odense’s town centre.

Odense multiplier sport event

The project team’s time in Odense also provided the opportunity to host a multiplier sport event, at the University of Southern Denmark on Tuesday 28th August 2018. The event accommodated over 60 practitioners and academics from across Denmark and Europe to hear presentations which discussed the dual career approach in Denmark, an overview of the Erasmus+ projects that cover dual careers, an insight into the current ecology of dual career project, the findings from the project so far, and the development of the Swedish Dual Career Guidelines. The event concluded with a panel discussion, where delegates presented some insightful and perceptive questions to the project team.

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