Magnus WonsyldManager of Dual Career Provision at Team Denmark

    Magnus is a Sports manager at Team Danmark and is responsible for the dual career programme in Denmark. As part of his role, Magnus has to regularly communicate with educational, private, and governmental institutions about development of educational and career programmes targeting high performance sport. Before this, he worked as a primary school teacher. Alongside a job as a teacher, he has joined his team in Team Denmark in 2014 as a coach and leader in Danish skiing, where he participated in the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics.

    As a result of these experiences and the role he currently carries out, Magnus will help to ensure access to elite and former elite athletes and other stakeholders in the world of elite sport as required for the research and will help to disseminate the research results. In addition, Magus will offer his expertise on dual career pathways to the project, helping ensure the work conducted is sufficiently rigorous for its purpose.